Kosherica’s Annual Luxury Jewish Music Festival at Sea

Kosherica’s Annual Luxury Jewish Music Festival at Sea 252 224 Sarity Gervais

On Jan 13-20, 2019, the Jewish Music Festival, one of the most exciting annual events on the high seas, will take you away for a beautiful cruise of song and celebration. Get ready for what the great-grandparents call tzimes’ or supreme delights. It all begins with knowing the facts: 7 nights of luxury Kosher Cruise aboard on of the largest and most exciting ship in the world, the beautiful Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas. The cruise heads to the Caribbean, with a stops at Philipsburg, St Maarten, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Labadee, Haiti. The cruise embarks and disembarks in Miami, Florida (which in itself is a joyful embrace of sunshine and beauty in the month of January).

The rest of the cruise is spent at sea and of course this is when the great fun takes place so let’s begin.

This particular Kosher Cruise is extra special: Aside from all the wonderful treasures built into any Kosherica cruise this particular annual event has everything extravagant with the added crown of gathering the best of the best in Jewish entertainment and

On the festival menu are a glittering array of top Jewish stars: In no picking favorites, merely following the list as it was put up online, I want to tell a little about you starry eyed future Jewish travelers.

Dudu Fisher, the wonderful entertainer is leading the lineup. Dudu is best known for his celebrated Broadway appearance as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables. He is an Israeli cantor and wonderful singer/entertainer of amazingly wide range of talents, vocal and emotional expression. He has a career that has captivated audiences for 5 decades, and despite his youthful appearance, Mr. Fisher combines old time sweet melodies with hip up to the minute ones. He is absolute magic. He tells a story about being on Broadway and refusing to appear on Friday night or Shabbat matinee. As an actor I know it could potentially be the kiss of death unless you are so amazing the producers are willing to work around you and he truly was and still is.

Avraham Fried is a singer, songwriter and musician of contemporary religious Jewish music. His great charm and talent have been captivating audiences since 1981. His music is categorized as pop Jewish music likened to Mordechai Ben David. He tends to integrate jazz, rock, popular music and many other styles with the Jewish lyrics.

He also sings Yiddish songs with great neshoma and some cantorial style ones – all with panache and delightfully high vibration.

Gad Elbaz is an Israeli singer who has recorded many albums. He began singing at age 4. He began recording solo albums at a rapid rate, and at the ripe age of 35 – Gad has 10 successful albums behind him. His theme of lyrics is rather spiritual and beautiful with a Mizrachi flavor to the tunes. It’s entirely Eastern Jewish music, pop rock that will makes people want to get up and move. Energy, passion, beautiful. His Hashem Melech 180 city world tour was a great success.

Zusha is the Chassidic soul/folk band seeking to inspire the world through their amazing original music. And inspire they do indeed. Two chassidim – Shlomo Gaisin (vocals and ukulele) and Zakaraiah juke’ Goldschmiedt (guitar, backup vocals) travel the world with messages of Torah and unity, playing to sold out audiences the world over. They are an incredible treat.

8th Day – this Chabad Chassidic pop rock band will keep you dancing in your in seats. This American Los Alamitos, CA-based band includes Shmuel Marcus, Benzion Marcus (the founding brothers), Bentziyon Chelyapov, Philip Bynoe and Jason Rosy’ Rosenquist. They are one of the most in-demand acts today on the Jewish scene. Delightful!

Last but not least on the menu is the wonderful cantor Yaakov Rosenfeld. The cantor was born into great cantorial background, dating back to Hungary pre-WWII. His roots consist of brilliants cantors, most of them famous, many great singers (a maternal great-grandfather served as choral lead soloist under the Great Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky). Paternal grandfather, Naftali Rosenfeld ran the services in various Hungarian communities from age 13 and continues in Israel to this day.

The prominent cantor Yaakov Rosenfeld serves as Chief Cantor on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur at the very famous and elegant Montevide’ Synagogue at the 16th district of Paris, France. He spends time giving concerts around the world, as well as being a celebrated guest cantor at some of the top orthodox Synagogues, such as the Bethal Synagogue in Brooklyn, The Hampton Synagogue with Rabbi Schneier, The Bratislava Shul in Slovakia, the Bialystock Synagogue in Manhattan and the Der Shul in Miami Beach.

Cantor Rosenfeld shares his vast talent with the world. He gives concerts all over and warms and excites with his amazingly fast coloratura, sense of improvisation all of which enable him to perform vocal acrobatics on the most intricate pieces. What’s more – he does it with ease and elegance. Fascinating to listen and watch him work. I can assure you that Cantor Yaakov Rosenfeld will give you a few butterfly and emerge victorious.

Kosherica Glatt Kosher Cruises has a tradition of maintaining the peak of excellence in all areas of luxury, hospitality and service. They are known for the most exceptional Kosher food, their ingredients are chosen with great care and are prepared by world class chefs. The food is hailed by all and is said to compete with the best gourmet restaurants anywhere.

Endless magical discoveries, constant wonder at every corner. Entertainment to satisfy young and old, from Broadway shows to comedy, ice skating, acrobatics and often, water-extravaganza shows which will remain indelible from memory.

Make fast decisions and book your cruise, since the early bird does catch the worm and I’d hate for the spots to fill up and for anyone to be left behind. This event is one of the most popular and not for naught!