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Kosherica’s 2023 Passover Program at Atlantis, Paradise Island

Kosherica’s 2023 Passover Program at Atlantis, Paradise Island 600 324 Sarity Gervais

Passover is one of the most precious times of the year for Jewish family gatherings. We come together to celebrate Freedom from Bondage in the great Jewish tradition. ‘Yetziat Mitzrayim’/Exodus requires much preparation: cleaning the home off Chametz, putting away or donating year-round food items, and replacing our kitchen utensils with the special, Kosher for Passover ones. Then of course, refilling our kashered kitchen cabinets and pantries with KP ingredients, and cooking special meals, most of which require inventiveness and forethought, as the Passover recipes limit us to use only the traditional ingredients. For some, it’s indeed a celebration of Freedom: For the hosts of the Seders through the eight days of the Pesach holiday it may feel like hard labor.

When the guests arrive for the Seder, the radiant table is hardly in sync with the worn-out hosts. I confess to times when I was ready for a snooze before it was time to serve the Seder meal.

Kosherica has been offering the key to celebrating a Kosher Passover experience at the luxury resort which stands true to the resort’s location: Paradise Island, thus removing the yoke and giving the hosts a chance to rejuvenate and liberate in grand style. Imagine going through the berachot, ceremonies, songs, and elated reflection refreshed, rejuvenated and happy as you soak in the breeze and the delicious smells of many scrumptious Seder and Passover meals.

Kosherica’s Passover at Atlantis offers a unique opportunity for families and individuals to celebrate the holiday in a breathtaking and festive setting. The resort, which is located in a beautiful and tropical location, provides the perfect backdrop for a relaxing and rejuvenating Passover experience. To read more of this exquisite resort click on the link:


The Passover program is designed to cater to all ages, with activities and events for all ages and areas of interest. Guests can participate in daily prayer services, attend lectures and discussions on the themes of Passover, and enjoy live music, shows, and performances. Children can take part in a wide array of exciting children’s programs that includes activities and workshops to fulfill any child’s dream and to keep them happily occupied and entertained.

The Kosherica Passover program is strictly kosher, with all meals prepared under the supervision of a reliable Orthodox Rabbinic organization. The resort’s professional kitchen staff ensures that the food is of the highest quality and that all dietary restrictions are respected and strictly carried out.. The menu includes a wide range of traditional Passover dishes, as well as a variety of international cuisine options to suit everyone’s tastes.

In addition to the on-site activities and events, guests can also explore the surrounding area and take advantage of the many local attractions and sights. From beach activities to cultural excursions, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

In short, the Atlantis Kosherica Passover program provides a truly unique and memorable experience for those looking to celebrate the holiday in style. With its luxurious setting, engaging events, and strict observance of kosher laws, it offers the perfect blend of tradition, relaxation, and fun.