Kosherica Proudly Announces their 2018 Cruise to New England and Canada

Kosherica Proudly Announces their 2018 Cruise to New England and Canada 200 200 Sarity Gervais

True to form, the company that pioneered a bold and discriminating approach to Kosher Cruises and Retreats has only gotten better and better. After 24 years in business, instead of sinking into the usual decline of quality of most great organizations, it keeps raising the bar on excellence. Kosherica is already the world leader in luxury Glatt Kosher Cruises. Their dedication to excellence ensures their place at the top. The company’s enthusiasm to provide excellence in every aspect has only increased over the years. They were always known for their 5-star gourmet chefs, the most delicious food, exquisitely served. They book the top, award winning, desirable resorts. The cruises around the world stop at exotic locations, allowing guests to experience the best the world has to offer. The best thing of all is the Glatt Kosher luxury and comfort aboard the newest and finest ocean liners. Kosherica uses the best food, best ingredients, greatest chefs, accommodations, scholars and is a salve to the heart of the Jewish Traveler.

On this upcoming cruise, the company switched their New England/Canada departure to New York City. This time around they picked the wonderful NCL Escape which boards in the New York harbor. Before the trip even begins there is a plethora of marvels to experience. New York is the ideal city for museums and shopping and taking the kids to fun flagship stores like Toys-R-Us and American Girl. Synagogues, the Jewish Museum and the Metropolitan Museum are a must. If you have an overnight stay, try booking seats for a concert at Lincoln Center or a Broadway show. Check first if your cruise offers the same show on board.

To read more about New York read HERE and/or HERE to read some of our past blogs about things to do in NYC.

The cruise departs on Sunday, October 7th 2018 and Monday is spent at sea. This is a grand time to get to meet your fellow travel mates. You’ll spend delightful hours around the table in the cruise ship dining room. As you feast on delicacies, your eyes soak in the beauty of the dining room and expensive table settings and you’ll find that striking up conversations with new friends is a natural.

Tuesday morning you’ll awaken in Portland, Maine, your spirits soaring at the beauty of the simple oceanside town. The Portland Museum of Art is a lovely treasure trove. The Atte House and the Tate House Museum, the Children’s Museum or the Portland Observatory. For outdoorsy types there is whale watching, fishing, walking and sailing expeditions. Imagine all this beauty, wearing comfy walking shoes, layering for temperature changes ( will give you a ten day forecast so you can plan).

Breakfast includes freshly baked breads, Chalav and Pas Yisrael, and you are given a great little tote bag to pack your lunch in should you choose to stay off the ship all day. If you choose to return for lunch, the set-up of the buffet style dining room is classy beyond measure.

Of course dinners are a daily celebration. Endless courses, choices, and all is available for seconds and thirds, tastes of every dish.

Before you know it Bal Harbor, Maine glimmers at 7:00am Wednesday. Stunning beauty, kayaking, white water rafting, boat rental and sailing lessons , whale watching, hiking, horseback riding and more. There is an interesting quality collection of museums on Acadia Park close to the harbor. The Abbe museum (erected and opened 1908) deals with the culture and history of “The People of the Dawn”, the American Indian tribes in the Northeast. There are many other fascinating museums to visit, either by booking a shore excursion or wandering independently. The people are warm and hospitable, taxi service is available and will give you a full picture of what’s available.

Next stop Saint John’s bay in Brunswick, Canada. This is the Northeastern most town on the north American map. It’s known affectionately as “fog city” also filled with splendid Victorian houses, artist communities and natural wonders. Even if all you can do is buy is water, fruit and veggies, the beauty is not to be missed. The only building which missed the awful fires in St John is a gorgeous farmers market, smelling of fresh produce and open air.

The last stop on Friday is Halifax, Nova Scotia. Most of us think of smoked salmon and imagine a barren, ice covered place. Nothing could be further from the truth: Halifax locals (or Haligonians), many of whom have come from other parts of Nova Scotia, have an excellent quality of life and sea breezes keep the air pristine. Manicured parks and gardens nestle between heritage buildings. There’s a thriving theater and arts culinary scene. Shore excursions must be booked well ahead since this is Friday and all sightseeing must be packed in to the exciting yet limited time at your disposal.

If you book early there is a package of bonuses awaiting you: free WIFI, drinks from the bar and a lot more. Visit for details and booking. Traveling Kosher can indeed be a next level delight.