Luxury Kosher Cruises to Alaska 2021-2022

Kosherica in Alaska – Your Guide to Trips and Excursions

Kosherica in Alaska – Your Guide to Trips and Excursions 625 448 Aliza Seidman

I’ve been to Alaska with Kosherica about 30 times and quite frankly I feel like there is still so much to see. This massive state has so much to offer and the natural beauty never ceases to amaze me. I am always seeing new and wondrous sites as I explore new terrain.


My #1 tip is to book all your excursions AHEAD of time. Even if you choose to book with a  private vendor and not with the cruise line, do it as early as possible.


Hubbard Glacier

One of my favorite things to do on a Kosherica cruise is to witness stunning glaciers from the boat at Hubbard Glacier (much nicer than Glacier bay). I love our Hubbard Glacier stop. We never actually leave the ship on this day. We get to see glaciers from the boat. It’s pure luxury. Kosherica serves their famous Glatt Kosher breakfast, which has every imaginable breakfast item at your disposal. It feels so magnificent and indulgent. Then we grab a hot chocolate and start looking outside for glaciers. At first you see signs of wildlife such as porpoises, seagulls and birds popping up. Then you’ll see bits of ice come into your view. Finally you encounter the magnificent glacier. It’s stunning and takes your breath away.


One of my all-time favorite things to do in Juneau is to rent a kayak and take it close to the glacier. There are a lot of companies that give you tours and it’s absolutely magnificent. You’re in the middle of the most beautiful natural surroundings and you get to see the magnitude of a glacier. One of the most popular excursions in Juneau is taking a sea plane and doing a glacier walk or dogsledding on the glacier. You really need to book this ahead of time because they always sell out. If you’re going to book with an operator outside of the ship, I highly recommend that you make sure that they are certified under the Better Business Bureau to ensure that you’re going with a reputable company. Juneau is essentially in a rainforest so occasionally helicopter excursions can get cancelled if they don’t feel like it’s safe to fly. I will never argue with them because your safety is a priority. If you have never seen a whale, I highly recommend doing a whale watching excursion. You can also go see the Juneau Gardens which are really beautiful. Another fun and free thing to do is climb the huge mountain near the boat. You need to allocate at least five hours for this excursion. I also recommend that you only do this if you are used to hiking.


The Native American tribe, Tlingit settled in Sitka approximately 10,000 years ago and remained there until 1804. Russian explorers came in and conquered it and made it Russian territory until the United States purchased it from Russia.

To understand the history you can get a combined history and nature lesson in Sitka National Historical/Totem Park. You can also complete the two hour Herring Cove Trail hike. If you are interested in animal rescue you can book a ticket to the Eagle Rescue and Alaska Raptor Center. I always love renting a kayak and exploring the beautiful nature or check our whale site seeing tours.


Ketchikan is my hands down favorite Alaska town. Skip all the souvenir shops and book ahead a duck tour or a lumberjack show. For something more majestic book a misty fjords seaplane or boat ride (the plans sometimes cancel due to weather).  Also check out the rainforest sanctuary or just chill out on creek street and wonder around the bookstores and local art galleries.

I am sure you will be thrilled with anything you choose to do I have Kosherica Glatt Kosher Alaska cruise. Be prepared for the best Luxurious Glatt Kosher Jewish vacation of a lifetime.