Kosher Exotic Destinations for Summer 2021

Kosherica Exotic Destinations for Summer 2021

Kosherica Exotic Destinations for Summer 2021 625 448 Sarity Gervais

Kosherica is thrilled about a variety of beautiful and exotic destinations that we will visit during the Kosher Vacation for Summer 2021 on our kosher cruises and kosher riverboat cruises. For the Jewish traveler, Kosherica is your #1 choice for a glatt kosher vacation of a lifetime.

We at Kosherica have truly listened to the feedback of our guests who have asked us to sail to more exotic destinations around the world on one of our glatt kosher cruises and we have listened to your feedback and can’t wait to show you what we have in store!


During the summer of 2021, Kosherica is offering 2 sailings onboard the NCL Star. ON the first sailing, our guests will be able to visit the magnificent Edinburgh in Scotland. Edinburgh is a picturesque town with one of the most beautiful cityscapes in the world. Our guests will be able to visit world class museums, galleries and landmarks including the historic houses of the Royal Mile.

On this sailing, our guests will also be taken to a few breathtaking ports in Iceland. Iceland is defined by its dramatic landscape with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields. A kosher cruise to Iceland is like visiting no other destination in Europe. The unique landscapes and natural wonders are truly unforgettable.

On the second NCL Star Kosherica glatt kosher cruise that is planned for August 2021, one of the many incredible stops is Belfast in Northern Ireland. Belfast is chock-full of fascinating history, stunning architecture and beautiful views. Another stop not to be missed is the stunning Titanic Belfast visitor experience. This shimmering landmark dominates Belfast’s Titanic Quarter and has become a beacon for Northern Ireland. Inside, our guests will discover the story of the most famous ship in the world, the people who built her, and its ill-fated journey across the Atlantic Ocean.


Kosherica is also thrilled about these additional unique destinations that our kosher travelers will be able to visit on our first ever glatt kosher riverboat sailing. Before this kosher river cruise even begins, our guests will be able to spend a beautiful pre-cruise Shabbat in Prague. Prague’s Jewish quarter is one of the most impressive in the Czech Republic. In fact, it used to be the largest Jewish ghetto in Europe, and the Old Jewish Cemetery is the most remarkable of its kind on the continent. We will spend a beautiful shabbat with the Chabad Center in Prague and will be able to take an incredible walking tour of the city on Shabbat led by a local guide.

On the riverboat cruise itself, we will have the opportunity to visit Vienna. Vienna is the location of the world’s first Jewish museum which shows the rich Jewish history of the area. The Stadttempel was the only synagogue that avoided destructed during Kristallnacht.

Our glatt kosher guests will also be able to visit the beautiful city of Budapest which houses the Europe’s largest synagogue called the Dohány street Grand synagogue along with other important Jewish landmarks. Budapest is a city that is truly the embodiment of old and new and we are sure that our guests will love spending time in this beautiful city.


We at Kosherica cannot wait to visit these incredible exotic destinations on our glatt kosher cruises and riverboats during Summer 2021. We assure you it will be a summer you will never forget!