Kosherica Announces their Yeshiva Week Budget Cruise Aboard one of the World’s Largest Ships

Kosherica Announces their Yeshiva Week Budget Cruise Aboard one of the World’s Largest Ships 300 300 Sarity Gervais

On January 20-27, 2019 Kosherica – the leader in Luxury Glatt Kosher Cruises has given Jewish travelers an amazing opportunity: If you hurry up and book as soon as you can, you’ll pay budget fares to cruise aboard the revolutionary Royal Caribbean Allure of Seas for a week of non-stop fun. One of the most wondrous ships in the world, and indeed one of the largest, the Allure has everything to fill your days with excitement. It’s like a self-contained mini New York with its own Boardwalk in addition to a Central Park lined with foliage. The public areas have pools, a thrilling zipline, an Aquatheater and Amphitheater which have daily and nightly shows to compete with those shown on Broadway in New York City. Sixteen decks filled with elegant staterooms and suites, some with windows others with private balconies where one can commune with the vastness of the ocean and be the first glance at every port of call.

There is, of course, the usual world-class hospitality of Kosherica staff to pamper guests, and in case this is your first-time cruising, they will be there to guide you and make you feel at home.

The food must be mentioned – though you’re paying budget prices, you’ll still get Kosherica’s signature 5-star gourmet Kosher food, white glove service, amazing variety and choice within the mouthwatering offerings. The prices will be going up soon so BOOK NOW. We thought this will be a great way to introduce luxury Kosher cruising for first timers, Yeshiva students and their friends and families, or anyone savvy enough to jump on the bandwagon.

The cruise itself is taking off from Miami, Florida at the time of year where most of western world is covered in snow. Miami – it’s the eternal place of sunshine and a mere visit can bring back color to your cheeks and a song to your heart.

Boarding the amazing Allure of the Seas, you’ll be welcomed by the smiling delegates of Kosherica and the entire group will be instructed to meet after checking in at the terminal. All of the amenities and comforts will open your heart as you cheerfully take the elevator to the meetings’ destination.

Because boarding is at 4:30pm there may be a slew of refreshments and beverages awaiting you. Dinner is around 7:00 and it is lavish, so do not overindulge on snacks.

You’ll be told about all the special things awaiting you as a Kosherica guest. The Glatt Kosher food is pas yisroel and chalav yisrael, supervised by the Maritime Glatt Kosher MGK label. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask: we’re there to help and guide you.

At dinner people gather at the truly stunning dining room, which has huge picture windows looking out at the ocean as you are served on glimmering china. You’ll meet new friends, strengthen ties with old friends, eat, talk and have immense fun.

The beds are super comfortable with crisp, fresh linen changed daily and on this ship there’s a tradition – a surprise: you’ll find a cute towel animal cleverly folded, awaiting each night after dinner in your cabin.

The first stop is the next morning in Nassau, Bahamas – I don’t want to elaborate much since I wrote about it so often. It’s a place for shopping, enjoying the stunning beaches and a walking tour to include at least 13 historically important places. On this site scroll down and find the paragraph titled “Nassau travel Guide For Cruise Passengers” –

You’ll return to the ship before dinner. For lunch – Kosherica sends you out with a lunch pack, or should you prefer to stay on board, enjoy the gorgeous cornucopia of fresh salads, fresh baked breads, fish, cheeses and endless goodies plus desserts to write home about.

After a day at sea the next stop is the famous Cozumel in Mexico. This is a celebrated place for scuba diving and snorkeling. The sea life is so vast and rich in color and variety and the stretch of the area is vast. If you are not a great swimmer and don’t want to venture far, don’t worry – the water is teeming with coral reefs and fish and you’ll see a splendor of colors and shapes as you dip in with your snorkel mask.

On Thursday the ship stops in Roatan, Honduras. This island according to many is an even more amazing spot for snorkeling and diving. In a short few hours, even non-swimmers can take advantage of the most awesome beauty of underwater life, right there close to shore.

Last but not least is Costa Maya, Mexico. Below is a list of the best things on this island:

Explore Ancient Civilization ;- Costa Maya ship terminal is located about an hour from the most popular ancient Mayan Site, Chaccoben. There are Mayan ruins which are many centuries old and a guided tour with a highly informed guide from a company such as Native Choice will give you a greater understanding of this complex culture and its people ;

-You might wish to take a cab a spend the day on the beautiful sprawling beach, another amazing diver’s and snorkeler’s paradise.

-You might also wish to stay close to the ship since it’s erev Shabbat and go out near the port to the Dolphin Discovery where you can swim with the dolphins. If you don’t feel like getting wet and still want to look at the dolphins performing tricks, you may stand and watch for free.

Then it’s time to get back on the ship, shower and dress for Shabbat. You’ll have a wonderful one, a great dinner after candle lighting and shul. You’ll have the whole day to spend however you choose, with prayers, Shabbat elevators that stop on each floor, the best food and wonderful bliss. Do not wait – we’re beginning to sell out at current prices! ;