Danube River Cruise with Rabbi Weil Luxury Kosher River Cruise 2021-2022



Last week we explored some differences between cruise ships and riverboats. Today we will continue to explore some additional aspects and differences. The main thing to remember is to travel with Kosherica, The Glatt Kosher Tour leader, to ensure you are traveling with the best so you are guaranteed a spectacular and high quality Kosher vacation that doesn’t compromise on quality. 

  1. Another major difference generally is that most of the sailing is done at night rather than during the day. That being said, we tend to make sure that with our regular cruises, we pick itineraries where there are very limited sea days. On our particular Jewish Riverboat Heritage Cruise, we only have one scenic day which is cruising the Danube. As a comparison to that, we also have a Russia and Baltic cruise on the NCL Escape which also has limited see days.
  2. Generally, a big difference between a riverboat and a cruise line is the dining room. However, at Kosherica, we really try our best to find private areas for dining, even on larger cruise ships so that we can give our guests a more intimate feeling. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to even buy our own restaurant like we do on the NCL Escape going to Russia and the Baltics also during summer 2021.
  3. You will dock right in the middle of town. On riverboat cruises it’s normal that you will dock in the center of it all which is a very unique feature of a riverboat sailing. We are very much hoping to be able to dock in the center of Bratislava on Shabbat. There is a possibility that halachically we can walk off the ship because we can bypass using electric keys and the depth of the water. We will keep you posted!
  4. Distances between ports are generally shorter on a riverboat cruise. We can try and sail as close to the Jewish Destination where we’d like to get off as close as possible. We have that flexibility due to the fact that a riverboat cruise is much smaller than a larger cruise ship. With that said, we generally pick itineraries even on the large cruise ships that allow flexibility with docking and proximity to destinations.
  5. All in all, riverboat cruises are very different from larger cruise lines. However, the Kosherica experience tends to be magnificent no matter where you are. Your service is always very customized, we treat our guests like Kings and Queens, our Glatt Kosher food is always extraordinary no matter where you sail! We are deeply committed to giving our guests the Jewish vacation of a lifetime. We know how much everyone truly needs a vacation during this time and we are committed to making our wonderful Jewish guests dreams come true on a once in lifetime Glatt Kosher River Boat or Glatt Kosher Cruise vacation.