Join Kosherica for our 2020 Glatt Kosher Cruises to South America. With Kosherica’s amazing tours of South America, you’ll see its breathtaking natural beauty.

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Most of the time, you’ll feel comfortable in casual resort wear including light cotton clothing for all cruises. It is advised to bring breathable clothing to maximize your comfort. Be sure to also bring:

  • Lightweight clothing. It is generally in the 70’s and 80’s on these sailings
  • Baseball hats, sunglasses, lots of sun lotion, coverups and swimwear. You can find the most gorgeous private beaches!
  • Casual exploring outfits. No need to be fancy on the at the ports of call.
  • Flip flops are always super handy on the beach.
  • One or two pairs of dress shoes to accompany your dinner outfit.
  • Always go on www.weather.com for more info. You can get a 10 day forecast.


Temperatures in these gorgeous locations tends to be on the warmer side. Think in the 80’s and brisker at night. Please always visit weather.com for more information.


First time considering a glatt kosher cruise to South America? Hold on to your favorite seafaring hat, because you’re in for the experience of a lifetime. A glatt kosher, chalav Yisroel, pas Yisroel cruise has been on the bucket list of so many kosher-observant Jews. For more than 20 years, we’ve made it our business to make those dreams come true.

We know you have lots of questions, so we’re here to help answer any you might have. Call us at 877-SAIL-KOSHER, 305-695-2700 or shoot us an email [email protected] if there’s anything we can help with. In the meantime, here are some thoughts you might have on your mind:

Is the cruise Glatt Kosher?
It is Glatt kosher, Chalov Yisroel and Pas Yisroel. Each Kosherica cruise has a team of mashgichim and a rav hamachshir on board to make sure every tiny food item – as well as anything going near our kosher food service – is constantly supervised.

Are they frozen airplane meals? Do I need to bring my own food?
Kosherica meals are absolutely NOT airplane meals! The food is freshly prepared on a daily basis made with glatt kosher gourmet ingredients and served beautifully on lavish buffets with multiple food stations and multi-course dinners plated on real glatt kosher, chalav Yisroel and pas Yisroel dishes and cutlery.

Kosherica takes care of all your culinary needs on the cruise. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all provided in abundance, as well as afternoon tea and late night snack. While onboard you should have no need for any additional food. In fact, expanding waistlines are the more common concern after being on a kosher cruise with us!

What if I have special food requirements or food allergies?
Here at Kosherica, glatt kosher, chalav Yisroel and pas Yisroel are just the beginning. We are very accommodating with allergies and do our best to provide alternatives to those with special needs. Please be in touch with us to discuss your specific requests.

Will there be a minyan?
Yes. Kosherica provides minyanim three times a day. A Torah is brought onto the ship for Torah readings. There is also a Daf Yomi shiur and fascinating guest lectures to help you connect with your spiritual side.

How does Shabbat work on a ship?
Shabbat on a Kosherica cruise is a unique and uplifting experience. Our experienced team has thought of every possible concern, from Shabbat minyan and Shabbat meals to locking doors, flushing toilets, and Shabbat elevator. From sunset to nightfall, Shabbat with Kosherica is a day of rest like no other on the planet. Kosherica’s lavish glatt kosher, chalav Yisroel and pas Yisroel five-course Friday night dinners and Kiddush lunches provide all the gefilte fish, Moroccan salmon, lox, herring, chicken soup, cholent, kugel and kishka you could wish for, topped with fresh salads, fresh fruit, meats and decadent desserts. Spend your day learning, reading, playing games, making friends and marveling at the serene seascapes and spectacular coastlines.

Can we get off the ship in South America?
Absolutely. There are several port days on the cruise itinerary. Each port day gives you more than a few hours to get off the ship and experience the different parts of Southeast Asia.

How long is the cruise?
Most of our cruises to South America are 7 days long. They begin on Sunday and return the following Sunday. Check out our upcoming South America itineraries for further details.