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About a decade ago a brilliant young Helit Edelstein-Shifman dreamt up a concept while thinking about all the observant Jewish singles wishing to go on a cruise and explore magical places while being certain their kashrut is kept impeccable. Their only option henceforth was to tag along as a &quotthird wheel&quot with family. The found themselves rather often in the discomfort of well-intentioned aunts and uncles who spent a great deal of the splendiferous vacation focusing on the mitzvah of matchmaking. More often than not with the wrong person, something that happened inorganically, thus ending up in embarrassment or even hurt feelings.

The idea was to give solo travelers the thrill of visiting amazing destinations, mingling with whomever they wanted, enjoying the luxury of Glatt kosher gourmet cuisine aboard the fantasy ships, such as the incomparable Oasis of the Seas. If like-minded Jewish singles happen to connect either as great friends or more, that’s a bonus, rather than a pressure and expectation. And most of us know that the less pressure we put on ourselves, the less we cling to an outcome, the more relaxed we are, more receptive to others. The Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas is offering singles the vacation of a lifetime in January 2018. Most guests will arrive from places where winter is at its fiercest, so the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, the ports of call imbued with activity and beauty, and gourmet Kosher meals will be perfect.

On days spent at sea there is so much to do, so much fun and joy, one must be made of stone if they don’t end up with a joyous glow and a smile on their face.

The new JSinglesCruise is even more relaxed about not being a matchmaking service. If it happens then that’s great and if not, everyone still had the chance to experience the amazing ship, great ports, luxurious pampering and, of course, delicious glatt kosher food. With a mood this elevated and a glow this compelling, the sky is the limit… you’ll carry this wonder with you for a long time to come.