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Jewish Music Festival Kosher Cruise

Jewish Music Festival Kosher Cruise 724 482 Sarity Gervais

This is a blog that makes my heart sing, even before I completed a single sentence. Kosherica offers the ultimate delight aboard the largest, most magnificent cruise ship in the world: an incredible line up of singers and entertainers from different genres of Jewish Music. This year the entertainers are better than ever – Avraham Fried, Benny Friedman, 8TH Day, Dudu Fisher along with Rabbi Manis Friedman!

Imagine the sheer delight of all your senses being pampered for seven days. Visually the adventure of exploring the Allure of the Seas is mindboggling. It’s a small town made to look like a glistening Metropolis. The wonders are endless. Beauty, excitement and an enveloping peace of mind and body are achieved merely by sailing aboard this magical ship. Then, your taste buds are about to sweetly explode being served Kosherica’s incomparable Glatt Kosher, Cholov Yisroel and Pas Yisroel delicacies. My mouth waters just thinking of the food – they bake their own bread and pastries, (I’m obsessed with their dark bread, the like of which I haven&amprsquot found anywhere but in a small bakery in Israel).

The great chefs on Kosherica’s Glatt Kosher cruise dream up a choice of dishes to satisfy any palate and dietary need, prepared to perfection and served magnificently. Breakfast and lunch are a lavish buffet with a cornucopia of anything and everything delicious. Dinner is more formal, with a menu elegantly printed out, detailing all the choices. You could have one or all. I&amprsquom a glutton so I taste some of everything – incredible! There are snacks and drinks in between should you need it and on shore excursion Kosherica hands out little individual cooler bags filled with the ultimate in yumminess.

The smells of the foods, the crisp fresh linens in your room, the fresh ocean air on deck are better than perfumes.

Now our auditory sense: I can’t think of anything more exciting than listening to some of the truly great, singing Jewish music. There is a large array of styles – Traditional Cantorial, Chasidic, Broadway, Popular Hebrew and Yiddish classics and many more. Honestly, I must say that sitting still like a polite lady is an impossible task for me. I&amprsquom on the edge of my seat, my eyes as big as saucers as they&amprsquore about to reach the high note, then my whole body is engaged, tapping to the rhythm, joining in with the backup singers, clapping and laughing. What joy! Imagine seven days of this with three stops in the Caribbean islands, the rest at sea, playing on board.

There is no better way I can fathom to start the civil new year of 2018. Sign me up again to spend the last week of January celebrating our heritage in song and sacred ecstasy aboard this beautiful Glatt Kosher Kosherica cruise!