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Jewish Music Festival at Sea

Jewish Music Festival at Sea 724 482 Sarity Gervais

Pack your bags for this unforgettable weeklong cruise in the brilliant waters of the Caribbean Sea. You’ll spend your days watching the waves and your evenings waving your hands, as you sing your heart out to your favorite Jewish songs and enjoy nonstop entertainment. Whether you choose to bring only your most intimate companions or your whole extended family, every moment of the Jewish Music Festival at Sea will bring light and laughter to your winter 2017-2018 kosher vacation.

The star-studded lineup of this year’s Jewish Music Festival at Sea will dazzle you with legends like Avraham Fried and Dudu Fisher. They’ll be there to make your heart soar as you belt out the hits and drift away on their journeys down memory lane. And you’ll be out of your seat before you know it, dancing along to their most popular tunes.

The latest stars will be there too, including the 8th Day band and Benny Friedman. With their spectacularly viral videos and super fun songs keeping them on the tops of Jewish music charts, even the youngest in your entourage will be jumping for joy. Their of-the-moment beats and inspirational, relatable lyrics have been modernizing Jewish music like never before.

But that’s just the beginning.

While the music transports your soul, the breathtaking cruise ship aptly called &quotOasis of the Seas&quot will transport you to exotic islands in the Caribbean, one after another:

Starting in Orlando, Florida, the ship will sail to Royal Caribbean’s private beach of Labadee, Haiti surrounded by forested mountains. It will then drop anchor at historic Falmouth, Jamaica, where you can ride horseback through turquoise waters and visit green grotto caves. The ship will then dock at Cozumel, Mexico, one of the most beautiful islands for watersports, Mayan ruins, and souvenir shopping, before taking you back to Orlando.

Each of these destinations on the shores of the Caribbean Sea offer marvelous opportunities for exploration. Take your family on an action-packed excursion or relax on a tree-lined beach. Scuba dive among coral reefs or splash in the safety of shallow waters. Snatch a deal on stunning jewelry or bargain hunt for unique handicraft souvenirs. There’s so much to do and see!

Back on board the boat, Oasis of the Seas is one of the most amazing cruise ships in the world. Its cleverly designed neighborhoods sprawling on 16 passenger decks make you feel like you’ve never truly seen everything the ship has to offer. Endless shows, activities, lounges, sports, pools, shopping and spa treatments will keep you exploring constantly on your home away from home. Your private stateroom will provide all the comforts and amenities to keep you comfy and cozy as the gentle sway of the ship rocks you to sleep. Some of our guests claim their best sleep is on our cruises! If there’s anything you need, your stateroom’s housekeeper will be on hand to help you out, tidy up, and surprise you with adorable folded towels.

Wake up hungry? We’ve got you covered.

Internalize the pampering with Kosherica’s lavish buffets and multi-course dinners throughout the seven-day cruise. You’ll be treated to kosher coffee and eggs, ice creams and pizzas, salads and steaks, and so much more. The food is strictly glatt kosher, cholov Yisroel, pas Yisroel under Maritime Glatt Kosher (MGK). All Shabbos and kosher needs are taken care of for you, as well as minyanim three times a day, Daf Yomi, and stimulating lectures by the distinguished Rabbi Manis Friedman.

If you’re looking for a kosher Caribbean adventure, this is the one you can’t miss. With sun, sea, inspiration and the most exciting singers in the Jewish music world, Kosherica brings you nothing but the best for the winter getaway of your dreams. Call us at 877-SAIL-KOSHER, 305-695-2700 or email [email protected] before we sell out. We look forward to hosting you!

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For more information, contact 877-SAIL-KOSHER, 305-695-2700 or [email protected].