I can just imagine some of you with ruffled feathers: "Hey, it’s my vacation, give me a break won’t you?"

If you eat only kosher food, and your catering is done by the folks at the super luxurious Kosherica Kosher Cruises, your first hurdle is over. You can go on a cruise that takes you to your dream destinations and your life is easy. Your only responsibility is to tell the cruise coordinator of your dietary needs ahead of time, so they can be provided for you.

I was privy to listen in to a meeting with the top chefs aboard the NCL Epic, discussing special diet menus. They came up with brilliantly creative dishes for the vegetarian kosher guests, provided for those with gluten free diets and the list goes on.

At a point where people are becoming more aware of food as a source of health, many opt for dairy and grain free diets which in the Kosherica setting do not even need to be pre-arranged. The incredibly vast choice of dishes &ndash meats, chicken, veal, vegetables, fruits berries eggs, salads, fish, etc. will take care of anyone’s needs. If your diet allows some home baked dark bread and yoghurt, such as the Mediterranean diet, you’re set too.

Of course if you just wish to break loose and enjoy the pleasure of the palate to the max and have no medical or dietary restrictions, the food you’ll be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner is brilliant.

On my last cruise I put no restrictions on myself, ate from everything and it was all delicious. The bread they served was so good I’m still salivating just thinking about it. But now I’m just torturing myself since I was diagnosed by a functional doctor to have sensitivity to dairy and grains and was put on the Paleo diet. If I were to go on cruise again the only thing I’d bring is a bag of mixed nuts.

Now, of course that’s not the case if you travel independently. My advice is to try and find lodgings where you can prepare your own food, bring disposable dishes and make a trip to the fresh market and kosher butcher. This will insure the purity of your food. If you’re lucky to be in a city like Budapest or strangely even London, with great Kosher restaurants, you might be able to find an array of dishes to satisfy your needs and if you get friendly with the cook, they’ll send you home with a batch of boiled eggs for a snack. Canned sardines and lemons, walnuts, almonds, almond butter on sliced red pepper are also delicious and filling lunches or snacks.

Have a great and healthy travel!