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How to stay in Shape and Healthy

How to stay in Shape and Healthy 724 482 Sarity Gervais

It’s hard to believe but the common year 2017 is about to be over. Most of us have a way of looking upon the new year as a time to make resolutions. Some big and profoundly life changing and others, simple improvements in our lives.

It&rsquos strange that a mere number in the calendar and the change of a single numeral on documents would cause such a mass of self-examination. Of course, not all of us make New Year&rsquos resolutions. Still, the tradition in which a person resolves to change undesired behaviors and accomplish goals to improve their lives has become widespread practice in both the Western and Eastern Hemispheres of the planet.

With the best of intentions and sincere desire to keep them, most people write down a list of resolutions. Unfortunately, most of these resolutions fall by the wayside within the first few weeks &ndash lose weight, exercise more, stop smoking, save money &ndash the list goes on. I have great news! They CAN stick like crazy glue and become so easy that that they are second nature.

People often speak of willpower and the lack of it. They blame their inability to carry out the resolutions on a character flaw, which really is not real. We all have willpower for the things we love and enjoy and they come easily and smoothly.

I would suggest that rather than beating yourself up for a temporarily failed attempt at keeping a resolution, approach it differently. Make it fun, lower your time and expectations so you don&rsquot run yourself out of steam and give up.

Let&rsquos take on the most popular ones &ndash lose weight, exercise, stop smoking.

DO NOT GO ON A DIET and don&rsquot commit to a crazy exercise routine, one that makes you miserable. Deprivation and starvation might lead to intense and very temporary weight loss (if you even get there), only to regain the weight plus 20 pounds.

Now onto the exercise &ndash forcing yourself to work out daily rather than building up slowly to a level of activity your body actually craves, is bound to fail.

Take action. Drink lots and lots of water. Often when you feel hunger, you just need to drink water and eat a few almonds. Magic! You hunger is satiated. Change your lifestyle and the entire family&rsquos lifestyle.

Fill your pantry and fridge with healthy foods, heavy on organic vegetables and fruit. Get snacks like almonds and walnuts and discard all the junk food in the house. Kids who grow up on junk food often become obese adults, or at least have a weight problem throughout life.

Don&rsquot call it diet but rather being healthy, having great skin, a strong heart, nicely defined muscles which you might be surprised to hear are a titanic built-in fat burning machine. One which you created.

Celebrate your success by booking a cruise on a wonderful Glatt Kosher cruise with Kosherica every time you reach a mile stone.

Begin to take the family or your partner for walks and hikes. Buy light but sturdy bicycles and ride like the wind.

Soon you may want to put in a day or two of working out with weights and a yoga class. Go slow, don&rsquot ever push yourself and learn to experience your body.

Remember to live in the moment and breathe. For those who still smoke, our new slimmer body, the muscle tone plus our family who is living a healthy and happy life, will surely remind us how wonderful it is to be healthy. How delightful it&rsquoll feel to have clean lungs, to be rid of the smell of smoke. Once you are health conscious you&rsquoll find it hard to put anything toxic in your body.

You could buy new clothes to fit your new healthy body, be charitable and donate your old clothes to an organization which helps the poor.

Everyday try to do something that brings a smile to your face. Share your new way of life with friends and family and talk about it around the dinner table. The spoken word gives legitimacy to a lifelong commitment.

And for Passover, treat the entire family to a luxury retreat at any of Kosherica&rsquos resort.

You worked hard and you certainly earned it!