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This article is directed at those of us who wish to experience the ultimate in pampering while on vacation. It’s about health and beauty spa treatments, recharging ones’ batteries &ndash the whole nine yards.

I spoke lately to many weary people whose entire life revolves around work, obligations and caring for others. They said that even vacation felt like more of the same as it was always coming last in the list of priorities. Hardly a moment to themselves and returning home with a new enriching experience, yet still tired and wrung out. True, there is no need to cook because on Kosherica the family is served a Glatt kosher cuisine with incredibly delicious with abundant choices to satisfy the pickiest eaters in the family. The beds are turned down at night and the bedding fresh and fragrant. The various ports of call are full of mind-boggling magic, beauty and fascinating history. To top if off, there is the non-intrusive warmth of the staff, the classy luxury and personal service in the dining room and all over the various ships where Kosherica hosts their kosher cruises. I often marvel at the sense of calm and freedom one has, with every possible need being taken care of while visiting the globe. You want the best Broadway shows? Orchestra, or even front row seats are included in the price of your trip. Then there are music festivals with famous and very talented performers to lift anyone’s spirit. If your thing is getting the grey cells stimulated, there are brilliant lectures by some of the greatest brains and scholars around.

Yet despite all this splendor some of us crave some ME time. Having worked hard all year, caring for kids and elderly parents, nary a moment to oneself, some true hedonistic TLC is in the cards. This vacation is the ideal time to do that without any guilt. Everyone and everything is cared for, there is child care for kids of all age groups. Time to take a deep breath and finally give some love to the self. The husband and kids will get the benefits from mom’s inner and outer glow. The happier she is, the happier they’ll be.

So here is my recipe. Most luxury cruise liners have spas with menus which include every beauty and health treatment imaginable.

Let’s begin with the more energetic activities, at least in the sense that we must move a few muscles to participate. There are different yoga and dance classes on board, aerobics, or for the more athletic, wall climbing, scuba diving classes and a great deal more. All great for body and mind &ndash stretching, soothing and energizing.

Then a steam bath or sauna, followed by a shower and you’re ready for the spa technician. A well-deserved massage can be picked from the considerable menu of massage modalities, all unknotting the tension in your body, giving you a sense of complete well-being and relaxation. A lady sitting next to me on the plane told me of a mud bath she took which left her skin soft as silk. You may choose an exfoliating salt scrub to remove dead skin cells, followed by an aromatherapy oil massage. Absolute heaven. Most spas offer the stone massage, in which smooth rocks are laid on one’s back along the spine. You may choose acupuncture, foot or hand reflexology, all done in delightfully scented rooms, with soft music playing in the background.

The Ayurvedic massage is performed by two therapists working on you simultaneously, slathering you in scented warm oil and smoothing away tension all over the body. A sauna and quick shower is then followed by coming back on the massage table, warm oil gently poured on your head, massaged into the scalp, hair, face neck and ears. It feels like the ultimate luxury. A shower follows and the mere experience makes you feel beautiful, detoxified and glowing.

There is a vast array of facial treatments, some traditional, others high tech and massively effective. All will leave your face looking smoother, the pores clean and your skin soft to the touch.

Many of the ship spas offer injectables by a trained doctor. You may want to alight from your vacation visibly refreshed and leave the worry lines behind with a touch of Botox. I hear that on the last day of many cruises they have large discounts on these treatments. You may choose a temporary filler injection for hollowness in your cheeks, expertly placed by the ship’s dermatologist.

The hair salon is a wonderful place for your crowning glory. They are trained to work on wigs as well as natural hair, using great products that renew your neglected locks, making them shiny and soft. Your wigs will be treated to look brand new and smell great.

As you step in for your gourmet kosher dinner after a spa day or two others will notice. With a bounce in your step, eyes sparkling with joy and feeling marvelous, the world will reflect back that wonder to you. Feeling happy, restored and gorgeous, you’ll have the capacity to give even more than ever before.