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How to Make a Kosher Cruise Wonderful and a Source of Pride in Your Jewish Heritage

How to Make a Kosher Cruise Wonderful and a Source of Pride in Your Jewish Heritage 724 482 Sarity Gervais

Kosher traveling may be limited to a traditional, restricted experience. It’s not easy bringing your own packaged food or frozen products. However, Kosherica offers a completely luxurious Kosher travel experience filled delicacies and glimmering beauty. You get to explore the world as a Jewish traveler with beautiful table settings, china, and wondrous service. In addition, all meals are Glatt Kosher, Chalov Yisroel, Pas Yisroel. There is a pleasure one gets from knowing that the gourmet offerings, the abundant food choices, and the exquisite setting come with the highest level of Kashrut. Amazing food, rest, prayer and they are set.

Some of us have been privy to traveling companions who were satisfied with merely glancing at the different exotic ports from their balcony or the large windows of the dining-room. Their only tour into the ship’s innards often consisted of the trip from their cabin to the next meal or the minyan and Shabbat service. There is nothing wrong with choosing to spend the cruise any which way one chooses, yet the delights that await you if you open yourself to the adventure of discovery. We are such incredible people, resilient, talented, intellectual and as we take a kosher cruise, I find it a waste to not dip our toes in the deep, fascinating history of our people.

Cruise through Jewish History

Europe: Eastern, Western, wherever you choose to travel. In the ghettos, the history and art museums you are bound to feel a whole mix of emotions: Incredible pride, sorrow, admiration for the strength of character, the incredible cultural development which sprung from the oppression our people were put through. From days of old like Maimonedis to Mendelson, Einstein and many more scholars who made their mark on the world, the geniuses and true Renaissance people.

During the Inquisition in Spain Jews were murdered rather than convert to Catholicism. They were tortured at chambers and showed great spiritual courage. Sacred holy books were burned, Torah scrolls were thrown into the fire. Eventually, the Ladinos developed a new and fascinating culture, practicing Judaism secretly but appearing to blend well into society. The Jewish

museum in Spain and Portugal tells the whole story. In addition, explore Italy is a Jewish traveler must. The Jewish Synagogue in Rome and Florence is filled with tremendous history and beauty. If you have time, strolling the Jewish Rome ghetto is steeped in history. Some Kosherica Cruises start in Venice. That is an amazing experience! Imagine having Shabbat in the Venice Ghetto (at the Gam Gam) and exploring the entire city by foot. It is the perfect Shabbos city.

Moving to the Caribbean Islands: One beautiful story is the 400-year- old Jewish cemetery in Barbados where the tombstones are eroded by time. There is a tiny little grave with a pair a scissors on it saying’ 1645 Barber Mohel, Dentist and other unreadable words. The Jewish

congregation was there solidly, leaving its marks after all these years. Holland, Italy, Greece with all of the islands around it are brimming with history. Also if stopping in St. Thomas you can visit the oldest synagogue..with beautiful white sand on the floor!

;Biblical Themes on Kosher Cruises

Any Kosher Cruiser with a sense of curiosity will get a great deal of joy out of visiting the museums of the different places mentioned, seeing replicas of ancient Jewish homes artwork and old scripture. Moving Forward, Jewish artists like Marc Chagall and Modigliani to mention a few, and musicians of world class like the incomparable Arthur Rubinstein and Horowitz-both Russian Jews whose homes can be visited when in Europe. Russia is one of the best places to visit if you want to explore great artwork with biblical themes or see where many Jewish intellectuals resided.

It is almost impossible to cover all that a Kosher Cruise can be. While on the ship, on Sea day, if there is a scholar on board you may attend lectures, otherwise, do what I did, gather a bunch of people and spend time together. You could sing and laugh and have fun, or you could make it a discussion group and speak about something interesting funny, deep or spiritual. There is hardly anything more satisfying than being together with

There is hardly anything more satisfying than being together with like-minded people. Have fun, laugh, enjoy learning about everything Jewish.

You’ll be better, wiser and prouder of your heritage.