How did the World?s Premier Glatt Kosher Luxury Cruise Company Achieve Greatness? How Did It Contin

How did the World?s Premier Glatt Kosher Luxury Cruise Company Achieve Greatness? How Did It Contin 900 600 Sarity Gervais

The company is Kosherica, the Apple’ of Kosher travel. Innovative, ground-breaking, daring and superior.

If anyone ever wondered about the roots of Kosherica Luxury Glatt Kosher Cruises and Resorts, they’d find a bold pioneering history. Not unlike a tree with deep and ever-growing solid roots, trunks and branches. Magically, the virtual tree bears fruit which gets better and better as time goes by.

There was a time when Kosher travel offered only the customary tray of pre-frozen, aluminum foil clad meals. You wanted elegant service on porcelain plates? Delicious gourmet meals? You dreamt of exploring the world in high style but your spiritual ties to the Jewish laws of Kashrut made it impossible? Regardless of how wealthy a person was, going on a lengthy Luxury Kosher Cruise’ was mere fantasy. ;You’d have to rent the whole kitchen and dining room of the ship, make it Kosher, bring your pots and pans, china, glass and silverware. Plus, don’t forget that you need your own chef with a mashgiach. Really? Who would go to such lengths?

Then a brilliant man with a huge following had the idea: Yehuda Shifman, an adored celebrity in the Jewish community as Cantor and spiritual leader, decided to change paths. He put his immense creative talents into creating a bold new kind of enterprise: A luxury Glatt Kosher Cruise and Resort company.

Hilit Edelstein and Offy Shifman, his equally brilliant children joined him shortly. Offy, a Psych Major and gifted foodie, contributed the clever name. On his trips to Costa Rica, Offy fell in love with the magic of the place. The combination of Kosher and Rica gave birth to the famous Kosherica. He also became the purveyor of the finest kosher food. The man has such passion for food, he cooks for fun and creativity. Shopping for high prime cuts of meats, fowl and fish simply lights him up with delight. Then it was his task to find the greatest gourmet chefs across the world. They had to be flexible enough to cook Glatt Kosher food while keeping to their Five-Star standards. This was no easy task, but Offy did it with the passion of one who loves what he does. Back in the kitchens his great energy prevails. ;

His sister Hilit, a woman of wonderful beauty and brains, is the powerhouse behind it all. ;After a few years, the founder Yehuda Shifman, though still young and active behind the scenes, felt it was time to give over the helm to his two first-born children. His daughter Hilit has taken the leading role in the ever-growing company. Despite being the mother of two young children, she goes on the cruises, accompanied by the kids and their babysitter. Offy and other members of the stuff are also frequently on the ship. Both are actively participating on Cruise and the Passover retreats to ensure the guests have maximum satisfaction and joy.

And boy, they certainly do! It’s a delight to see the glowing faces of Kosherica guest at the dining room. Everyone is given a menu with a vast choice of food. When the food arrives, people seem to smile more, are more prone to friendly conversation and laughter.

The days’ events are discussed. All of the cruises have ports of call most of us have only dreamt of visiting. Imagine sitting at dinner after a day in Venice, bowled over by the beauty of the city. A gondola ride and a visit to the Jewish Ghetto. So much to see, so much to talk about as you eat the best food you’ve ever tasted. Polite and discreet service by waiters who notice when a glass is half full. They serve your food like they do in the world’s top restaurants. The stunning dining rooms and table settings frame the daily masterpiece: your Gourmet Kosher Dining.’

Then there’s the personal touch of the hosts. You’ll see Offy Shifman circulate around the magnificent dining room, stopping by the tables to cheerily check on his guests.

Hilit lights up every trip she attends with her delightful smile and caring attitude. ;

Kosherica’s ability to continuously deliver excellence is clearly the result of a passionately motivated core element. The management, most of whom seem to hardly sleep, give their all for their family, their guests and their employees who are treated like extended

family. There is amazing loyalty and devotion within members of the company, a thing which likely contributes to the end result. In a past blog I noted that they keep raising the bar on the beauty and expanse of their offerings. Their striving to provide unforgettable experiences, filled with beauty, elegance and the greatest Kosher Cuisine is legendary. Picking the most luxurious resorts and cruise liners. Adding more locations to the itinerary of their already vast portfolio of cruises. The Jewish traveler needs to look no further to have the perfect Chicken Soup for the Kosher Soul.’

Following some of the management for a few days I came to realize that keeping such a high standard is a non-stop pursuit. ;On the phone, securing the greatest scholars for the trip, discussing menus with world-class chefs, having rabbinical supervision of the highest degree. Overnight meetings on the other side of the world to establish relationships. And doing it all with a smile and so much love and excitement that one would think it was a brand new enterprise.

As a final thought, the Glatt Kosher food is also Chalav Yisroel and Pas Yisroel.

If you want to experience Glatt Kosher luxury at its’ best – ;Kosherica is it. Their cruises and retreats keep expanding to cover the entire planet and their offerings are spectacular beyond description. For a list of all the trips visit