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It’s that time of year again: spring has sprung and the trees are filled with fragrant blossoms. The air is warm enough to wear sandals or shoes with open toes. You look down and you see the wreckage that the winter neglect has made of your toes. Off to the salon for a Mani-Pedi! Men, women and children alike can all benefit from a nail cutting, filing, buffing, cuticle tucking and skin softening foot massage. We leave proud and fresh, our talons are now clean and shiny nails, often lacquered for the grand finale.

Yet in this article I’ll be talking about a greater problem, one your favorite nail technician can’t fix. Serious foot pain, ingrown toenails, often infected, the inability to tolerate anything on your feet and even your socks hurt.

I’ve been there many times and fortunately, 10 years ago found the greatest Podiatrist who specializes in pointe-dancers and others who prefer to teeter on very high heels.

I referred many people to Dr. Jurcisin, all of whom became devotees. A beautiful, short woman I see regularly at the large holiday gatherings at my friend’s house, saw me last Chanukah in those post-surgery clod hoppers and as we were munching on latkes she wished to know all about my feet. I just had 6 toenails removed, some after repeated attempts to cut out the ingrown and infected toe nails. It was always followed by anti-biotics and pain medications, only to return several months later, swollen, red and extremely painful. My doctor first soaks your feet in a warm, bubbly foot jacuzzi, softening and cleaning the area, as well as relaxing you, the patient. Then he numbs the area so you feel nothing. He is gentle and kind and has a delicate touch. The big foot surgery was easy, me sitting in the padded chair and him probing until I was entirely numb. The agony came afterwards, once the anesthesia dissipated. He applied acid on the nail-less toe so the offender won’t return and I was sent out with very unfashionable sandals into snowy NYC. My above-mentioned friend, who adores high heels sees him now regularly and considers him the greatest gift. She can wear her Manolo Blahniks without pain or limping. I understand how she feels (though high heels are not my friend) but dancing on pointe and being able to walk without pain is.

So, the bottom line is that a good and gentle podiatrist is a must if your feet hurt and you’re about to go on vacation. Even my worn in super comfortable Uggs can’t stop me limping if I have foot pain. How can we walk the streets of a new and amazing place on shore excursions or dance at the Captain’s Ball on the ship, unless our feet are healthy?

Make sure to tend to them well before your trip, to give you time to heal. A vacation is delicious only when you don’t need to think of your feet and only need to use them as another mode of transportation.