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Glatt Kosher Cruises – Tour the World Affordably in Style

Glatt Kosher Cruises – Tour the World Affordably in Style 724 482 Sarity Gervais

The greatest difficulty for discerning, observant Jewish travelers has always been the inability to enjoy scrumptious Glatt Kosher food. To go on a Kosher cruise and be pampered by a team of incredible, caring staff, was the impossible dream. Our Grandfather never slept away from home, and if on the road, lodged with trusty relatives. Hotels were a no-no and rightly so most places had questionable hashgacha. The food was often served in tin foil dishes with chicken feathers protruding from the bland tasting portions.

I’ve written about this a while back but Kosherica, the leader in Glatt Kosher luxury cruises, Resorts and travel keeps growing by leaps and bounds. I thought this to be a worthy article, having experienced their ever accelerating excellence. The best, classiest and most comfortable trips most observant Jews have ever taken were with Kosherica. Just as an example, in the summer, I escaped the humid heat of NYC with a magnificent trip to Alaska. The ports of call were breathtaking, the meals were beyond amazing, and the Norwegian ocean liner, &quotThe Pearl&quot was an adventure to tantalize all the senses. Imagine gliding through the most mind-boggling glaciers, as you sit and eat your five-star meal. The best thing about it all is that all this unbelievable luxury is affordable. You don’t have to spend a fortune to be treated like a celebrity. If your tastes incline toward the culture and art filled Western Mediterranean cruise, the stunning brand new Epic will take you there. Here you can explore the treasures of Barcelona, the leaning tower of Pisa, Naples, Florence, Rome. You’ll even have a taste of Cannes in the French Riviera early Friday morning until it’s time to return to the ship Shabbat. The entertainment is World Class and the design is journey of discovery and delight. Sports, spas, the first Aqua park at sea are all yours, with lectures by the scholar in residence if you crave some Yiddishkeit to boot. There are trips to the Baltics and more, all to be found on the website.

There is another, even more affordable Kosher Cruise that Kosherica offers, This great new Jewish company is a division of Kosherica but appeals to the Kosher traveler who is on a tight budget. CruiseKosher, affords many of the same options as Kosherica but makes it more affordable. This budget Kosher cruise division has three scrumptious meals daily and 3 minyanim daily. The first sailing of this division was with the MSC Musica. Book early as these budget cruises get sold out fast. You’ll get great food, wonderful company and without the bells and whistles of the mega cruisers, get to see the world, comfortably while on a tight budget.