Blue Lagoon, Iceland 2022

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The Blue Lagoon, is geothermal spa located about 30 minutes from downtown Reykjavík (Iceland), is a natural wonder of the world. The lagoon is one of the most popular attractions in Iceland. It is hugged by black lava and sprinkled with green moss on the outer edges. The decadent blue water has temperatures around 102 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. It’s absolutely pure luxury and the most incredible way to spend a day, in either the dead of winter or the height of summer. Kosherica will be busting this miraculous place in the Summer of 2022 on a Glatt Kosher Gourmet cruise. We are thrilled to explore such gorgeous and exotic destinations in pure comfort.


Fun facts:

What makes the Lagoon blue?

The water’s milky blue shade is due to its high silica content and the reflections of light from its surroundings. The water is also rich in salts and algae.

Is the Lagoon natural?

The Blue Lagoon is actually partially man-made. The water comes from deep underground and is the main method used in Iceland to heat the residents’ homes.  The lagoon is self-cleaning and renewing every 48 hours.

Benefits of Bathing in the Blue Lagoon

Obviously, the lagoon is pure relaxation. It’s incredible to sit in the hot water infused with rich minerals. Your hair, skin and muscles feel


People also come to the Blue Lagoon for skin treatment like psoriasis. Typical psoriasis treatment requires tons of UV light exposure, so the Blue Lagoon offers a safer, more relaxing alternative to this method.


Can you spend the day at the Blue Lagon. Of course, you can spend the entire day at the blue lagoon. However, there’s so much to see and Iceland that we become very particular about how we spend our time. The spa has a ton of treatments and amenities that you can take it vantage of all day.

Some of the most popular amenities use silica mad masks. There is even a silica bar where you can rob the white stuff on as much as you like. You can also request water treatments. In addition there is tons of relaxation massages and body scrubs.

We highly recommend having you book your Blue Lagoon times way in advance because they always sell out. Below is the website that you can go directly to and book your spot treatments. save some money and time by booking it on your own. Please always inquire about their cancellation policy. Make sure it’s flexible.

We look forward to seeing you on the Kosherica Cruise or any of our fantastic resorts or destinations. We can’t wait to explore incredible destinations with you.