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Leaving from New York City, this is an unusually fun and relaxing trip. Embarking in NYC on July 29, 2018 aboard the Escape of Norwegian Cruise Lines. Kosherica, the world leader in Glatt Kosher cruises and vacations has a wonderfully simple, yet exciting trip.

After two days at sea, the beautiful ship docks at the Royal Naval Dockyard, the major cruise port at the island of Bermuda.

The Place is steeped in history and centuries old world charm, modern amenities, art centers, water sports, scuba diving, snorkeling and much more. At only 21 square miles, the tiny island can be seen by guided tours on land and water. You may choose to go it on your own, rent a taxi, Segway or do it on foot. There is an incredible variety of things to do and see in one small place and best of all, the ship docks there for nearly three days. No rush, just a pleasantly relaxed time starting at 8:00am Wednesday, August 1 2018, departing on Friday at 3:00pm, just in time to get ready for Shabbat candle lighting and services with Kosherica on board. It is a true joy to see everyone in their Shabbat clothes, stunningly elegant, transformed by the tranquility of the vacation. The children running around happily, their faces tanned and glowing – beautiful, happy Jewish families.

While on the Island you may choose to spend most of your time on the pink sand beaches and turquoise waters, scuba diving into the waters of Bermuda a.k.a. &quotThe Shipwreck Capital of the Atlantic&quot. You may come face to face with some of the most enticing treasures of the past to be found anywhere in the seas. The most famous wreck is that of the Sea Venture, an English boat which sunk in 1609. There are a great many more sunken ships in the balmy waters, and no end to the variety of sea life and coral reef. And, of course, glatt kosher meals are eaten on the ship, which is used like an exquisite floating hotel.

For others who are more culturally inclined, you may wish to visit the myriad of fine art galleries such as the Bermuda Craft Clay Market, Jill Amos Raines’s Bermuda Memories or go to the city of Hamilton to visit the Bermuda Society of Arts. All exhibits here are constantly changing, expansive fresh and new each time you visit. The National Museum of Bermuda, Dockyard has a diverse collection of 500 years of local history and culture.

The Bermuda Historical Society Museum in Hamilton is fascinating, as is The National Trust Museum in St. George.

At the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art in Paget you’ll see works by Georgia O’Keeffe, Jack Bush Winslow Homer, all depicting the warmth and beauty of the island and its people.

There are caves and other natural wonders to visit and the nearly three-day Bermuda visit will pass in a blink of an eye. You’ll be fed a delicious Glatt Kosher gourmet diet, created by the master chefs of Kosherica and will return to NYC on the following Sunday well rested and richer for the experience.