An Affordable Glatt Kosher Crazy-Fun Cruise from NY to Bermuda

An Affordable Glatt Kosher Crazy-Fun Cruise from NY to Bermuda 200 200 Sarity Gervais

On Sunday the 29th of July, Kosherica offers a cruise not unlike a seven day long party: at 4:00pm passengers will board one of Norwegian Cruise Lines newest ships, the Escape. If you book now and this blog reaches you before all the space is sold, you may get free unlimited alcohol, WIFI and more surprises.

The ship is an absolute world class beauty, with staterooms and cabins to cheer one’s heart. There is the usual choice of cabins and suites, some of which resemble a next-level hotel suite.

The Grand Common areas are glowing with elegance and the dining rooms are inviting by their mere class and comfort. Add to that the delicious Glatt Kosher food served voluptuously for the three formal main meals, candle lights, wine and any other beverage.

This cruise is the ultimate observant Jewish vacation cruise. Eat until your taste buds grow wings…every meal is cooked lovingly by world class chefs, a menu laden with a variety of the best creations in any kitchen.

There is a scholar in residence, Stephen Savitsky of Hewlett, NY, a fascinating and brilliant person. Mr. Savitsky was the former Chairman of the Board and President of the Orthodox Union. He traveled extensively across the globe representing the OU and visited almost every Jewish community in North America. His ability to speak on a variety of topics has made him a sought-after speaker at Jewish events, conferences and Pesach programs. He is presently on the board of directors of the OU and is the Scholar-in-Residence at many OU Synagogues. He has held many leadership positions in the Jewish community. He is currently President of the Bnai Zion Foundation, Chairman of Partners in Torah and President of the Vaad Hakashrut of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway. He is also very active in the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations. He was the Founder and President of the Kew Gardens Eruv which paved the way for the explosion of eruvim across America. He was the President of Anshei Chesed in Hewlett, Chairman of Ohr Torah High School in Queens, a member of the Board of HIAS, the Jewish Agency and Mesorah Heritage Foundation. Mr. Savitsky is currently the President and Chairman of the Board of ATC healthcare, a nationwide provider of medical staffing. He was the CEO of Staff Builders, one of the largest home health companies in America. He graduated from Yeshiva University with a degree in economics and received an MBA from the Baruch Graduate School of Business with a major in both finance and marketing. He is married to Genie (nee Tennenbaum) and B”H has many grandchildren. For anyone wishing to attend a lecture, speak one on one with a highly intelligent, wonderfully eloquent person, Stephen Savitsky is available to expand your mind.

If you want to simply relax and soak up the peace of being pampered, this is another option.

Being on the Escape, which is considered one of the most innovate, brand new ships ever built, is often sufficient to give you the feel of a super vacation.

Being surrounded by family and new friends or choosing to spend alone time on the deck or private balcony, staring at the ocean – mental health and stress reduction to last for a long time. A famous psychologist in San Diego, California says that a Kosher cruise with like-minded people is worth years of therapy and replaces anti-depression and anti-stress drugs. Community, incredible food, slow and relaxed speed as you nurture your body spirit and mind. The only stop is on Wednesday morning at the Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda. The ship stays there until 3:00pm Friday, just in time to get ready for the Shabbat services.

The worry-free 3 day stay in the historic dockyard offers a variety of water activities, humpback whale watching, swimming, diving, snorkeling and more. For those interested in shopping, you can find boutique stores, pottery, breathtaking works by local artists and on Front Street you’ll find unique jewelry and antiques. The Museum, built in 1800 is the largest in the Bahamas, introducing samples of this wonderful place. It will most likely awaken the curiosity of all visitors to the history of the Royal Navy which has celebrated its 200-year anniversary.

All around, within walking distance there are wonderful things to see and with the peaceful pace of this tour, the crystal cave, dolphins, bazaars and the discovery where the clock is not ticking too fast, gives passengers a relaxed and happy cruise.

Remember to sample everything the Kosher genius chefs whip up and you’re guaranteed to be a happy sailor.