Amazing Adventures in Alaska

Amazing Adventures in Alaska 400 533 Sarity Gervais

This blog post is about some of my favorite things to do on an Alaska Kosherica Kosher cruise. There are so many options of where to explore and what to see when you go to an incredible place like Alaska. I’ve been with Kosherica four times already on their Alaska cruises and I never seem to get over how magnificent these trips are. One of the most incredible things that I love doing in Alaska is take in the breathtaking beauty and landscape of this part of the world. When we go through the Inside Passage, our ship is surrounded by incredible mountains, lush trees and wildlife. It’s moments like these that I always make sure to have my binoculars on hand. I get to see incredible marine life like whales breaching and playing in the ocean. I get to see porpoises  riding the waves of the ship. I get to see birds flying near my balcony. It’s amazing to actually catch a glimpse of bear grabbing salmon. And this is all from my balcony! Another amazing thing that I love to see from my balcony are the glaciers in Glacier Bay. It’s stunning to be able to hear a glacier calve (break). It sounds like a vibrating booming sound that happens seconds after you actually see it. It reminds me of how huge glaciers are and how fragile they are becoming. I also love to see all the different colors of blue and white within the glacier. I generally cuddle up on my deck with a blanket and just sit and meditate on Hashems beauty.

Another thing that I love to do in Alaska is get off the ship and Skagway and explore places like Jewell Gardens. This is a magical little oasis in the middle of Skagway that is filled with lush beauty incredible flowers and solitude. You can also take a class in glassblowing. Believe it or not, they have some of the most incredible glassblowing technicians in the country here.  Another amazing thing in Skagway is dogsledding and zip lining. I have fallen in love with the incredible groups of puppies that are trained all year round to master that iditarod. This is a race of complete endurance, mental perseverance and determination. The dogs train to work as a team and as a pack. They come to Skagway in the summertime to relax, recoup, play with the Taurus and get ready for the grueling winters. It’s so much fun to be able to hear trainer stories and get a moment to play with these adorable dogs. A lot of times the dogsledding is held in the same place as the ziplining. Make sure to always go to an approved ziplining location. Skagway is simply gorgeous.

In Juneau I love to go whale watching. You are guaranteed a view of whales breaching! If that is too slow of an excursion for you, I always recommend kayaking near the glaciers. It’s a real workout but well worth it. If you want to sit back and learn you can always go to the salmon hatchery in Juneau. You just need to catch a cab and it will take you right there. You get to learn all about how salmon spawn and it’s incredibly fascinating. If you are ready to splurge, I highly recommend doing a plane ride over the glaciers. If you’re lucky and the weather is good you caactually get out and walk the glaciers and see the magical blue colors that the glaciers produce. Remember this is an expensive excursion and it will go only if weather is in perfect condition. However, if you get to see it it’s one of the most magnificent things you can see in Alaska. One of the cutest stops that we make a long our Alaska voyage is a stop in Ketchikan. This is a quaint little town that is filled with cute little coffee shops, bookstores, art stores and believe it or not, health food stores. They also have a fun little show called the lumberjack show where Canadians and Americans compete to see who is a better lumberjack. This is a great option for young kids because it’s incredibly engaging. If you want a more unique adventure in Ketchikan, I highly recommend taking a misty fjords flight plane and seeing how absolutely beautiful the fjords are in this part of the world.

Have an amazing vacation on your next Kosherica Kosher summer vacation.