Alaska Kosher Cruise

Alaska – a breathtaking kosher cruise for couples and families alike

Alaska – a breathtaking kosher cruise for couples and families alike 625 300 Sarity Gervais

One of my absolute favorite glatt kosher cruise vacations that I have EVER taken with my family is a cruise to Alaska. This is also a fantastic kosher cruise to take with your spouse for a magical romantic getaway.

Even before this beautiful glatt kosher cruise vacation begins, you can spend a little bit of time in the amazing city of Seattle. There are so many beautiful and iconic sites to see and it’s an incredible way to start off this beautiful kosher cruise vacation.


One of the most amazing parts of any glatt kosher cruise vacation is the amount of incredibly relaxing time that you have to connect to the ones that you love. Kosherica truly takes care of everything from A to Z so that you have every opportunity to enjoy the quality time with your family. Sitting around the table in the beautiful dining room is one of the best parts of the cruise. The glatt kosher food is served in abundance and caters to every member of your family – even those with the pickiest pallets! Freshly cooked food at every meal makes you feel like you are sitting around your own cozy table at home but you don’t have to cook it or clean it up!


Another exciting aspect of any Alaska kosher cruise vacation are the shore excursions that will take you to see the breathtaking ports of call on this sailing. While the cruise line offers some incredible shore excursions that you can book directly with them, we at Kosherica have a few recommendations of our own.

Your first stop on this stunning vacation is Juneau, Alaska. There are so many beautiful things to see at this port of call but our favorite is the salmon hatchery which is a great excursion and you can do it on your own. Whale watching is also amazing and you can search online for many reputable companies that you can book this with on your own.

Ketchikan, Alaska is another stunning port that you will visit on this extraordinary glatt kosher cruise vacation. The misty fjords are absolutely breathtaking. There is also a lumberjack show in the city which is great for kids and you can go there on your own, it’s very easy to get to. The duck tours are great too and you can book them ahead of time online and it’s AMAZING for families and kids of all ages will love it.


Don’t forget – it’s very important to remember to bring layers. This is essential for this glatt kosher cruise – sweaters, jackets, hats, gloves, etc. There will be warmer days and colder days so layers are key. One day of the cruise you will spend a few hours out on the upper decks of the ship taking in the glaciers and you will definitely need warmer clothes for that so don’t forget to pack them!


To summarize – I can’t recommend a glatt kosher cruise vacation enough! And this one to Alaska is not to be missed. Couples, friends and families alike will never forget this magical time together!