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A Kosher Purim and a reward for all the Jewish Queens-Kosherica Passover retreat in guess where? Puerto Rico

A Kosher Purim and a reward for all the Jewish Queens-Kosherica Passover retreat in guess where? Puerto Rico 429 378 Sarity Gervais

Sarity Gervais

Purim is the most fun-filled celebration of all the Jewish holidays. No wonder that it’s everyone’s favorite holiday. I know it’s nearly a month away but unlike most holidays, a kosher Purim requires lots of forethought and preparation. The holiday is important since it’s about the victory of good over evil, with the main character, the beautiful and smart Queen Esther. Preparing costumes, Purim spiels, deciding on the gifts we want to send is Mishloach Manot and the preparation of the great meal, in which we are told to get drunk to the very max on Kosher wine.  It’s really a festival based upon the scroll of Esther and in the center of it all stands the brilliant courageous Jewish queen Esther. She saved her people with her wit and her womanly charms, got King Achashveros bending his knees at her feet. Remember, this was the man who beheaded the beautiful but less elevated Vashti, his ex-wife, for not doing his bidding. Well, Jewish women are known to have chein, they have smarts and are wonderful mothers and wives. To be all those things and more, a Jewish woman must be a hard worker who deserves to be spoiled and to be shown appreciation.

What better way to do this than to book a Passover retreat for the entire family with Kosherica’s luxury Passover resorts and Spas?  She’ll be spared the prepping, koshering the kitchen cooking the Passover Seder meal, ridding the home from Chometz, changing the dishes and the list goes on.  In truth, there is no holiday harder on the wife and mother than Passover.  Giving her the gift of a magical Kosher for Passover retreat is the greatest thing 

So now to the burning issue: The queen of the home must be taken to a paradise retreat for the upcoming Passover. We need to take the entire family but at present can’t afford to pay ‘Ritz’ prices.

With Kosherica’s grand new retreat at the affordable Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve in Puerto Rico, you’ll have the Ritz class of best without cleaning out your bank account.  It’s breathtaking, especially after its multi-million dollar renovation. The 5-star hotel with exquisite beachfront rooms, as well as others with garden forest views. Some rooms are looking out at the magnificent palm trees and the lagoon-style pool.  All the rooms are beyond beautiful and elegant. Down pillows and comforters, flat TVs space and marble bathrooms. The Zen spa will take care of pampering  any guest in need of a rejuvenating and invigorating massage and beauty treatment,  Within this retreat, Kosherica decided to let go of the fluff and focus on all the necessary comforts and delights: To offer guests the best for the most affordable prices. This includes the most delicious Kosher food, that Kosherica is famous for. A selection of house wines and an open bar all day, with the strict Hashgacha by the OK. Aside from the Seder which includes two lavish sit down full meals, all other meals are buffet style (actually my favorite) with a scrumptiously wide variety of choices.

There are daily Minyanim for the men, two Tom Kite golf courses, splashes in the enchanted pool lagoon and walk on the beach at sunset.
And for the kids, Kosherica has a camp, where children and tots can have great fun and allow their parents to bask in the beauty and sunshine of this amazing
I’ll attach a link just to whet your appetite. Mine is going at high gear:
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