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A Kosher Cruise Vacation that my Family will never Forget

A Kosher Cruise Vacation that my Family will never Forget 800 600 Sarity Gervais

I have an amazing story that I want to share about a beautiful kosher cruise vacation that I spent with my family last summer. It was a truly memorable experience that we will not soon forget.


My family is very unique in the sense that there are some members of the family that are religious and keep shabbat and keep kosher and other members that do not. Generally speaking, this makes it a very difficult task for us to be able to vacation together. We have tried going to hotels which or renting a home, but all of those options never end up working out the way we hoped they would due to these 2 varying parts of the family.


So we did some research and started looking at cruises as a great option for our family. The only real challenge was the kosher food and services that would be required for the member of the family that keep kosher and keep shabbat. We knew that cruises do offer the packaged kosher meal options but none of us wanted to spend a week eating airline meals for dinner. That just didn’t seem like it would be very enjoyable. And then there was also the issue of davening. The men in our group did not feel comfortable missing a minyan each day and especially for Shabbat, it would feel very strange to not have any kind of shabbat davening or programming.


That’s when we found our solution – a European glatt kosher cruise vacation with Kosherica. This option truly covered everything that we needed and it was absolutely perfect. The food with Kosherica was truly 5-star quality cuisine that satisfied EVERYONE in our family. Our family members that had cruised on a regular cruise before were blown away by the quality, variety and taste of the food being served. They said it was better than any cruise they had ever been on. The cruise ship really has something for everyone – entertainment, shows, kids activities, etc. – so everyone was busy while on board. And of course the shore excursions at the various ports were magnificent and unforgettable.


By the time it came around to Shabbat, our whole family was so thrilled after spending the week together that we all couldn’t wait to spend a relaxing Shabbat together on board. Initially, those members of the family that didn’t normally keep Shabbat and planned to go on shore on Saturday decided that they would rather stay on board and spend Shabbat with the rest of us. Our experience throughout the week made everyone feel so much closer together by finally being able to spend a full vacation together as ONE family which had never truly happened before.


After we all got home and had some time to reflect on our kosher cruise vacation, we couldn’t wait to reminisce together about our vacation. We had a Whatsapp group and everyone was sending pictures, videos and fun anecdotes multiple times a day. It was like constantly being able to relive it with each message. And then to my surprise, on Thursday of that week (less than a week since coming home) – one of my cousins who doesn’t keep Shabbat decided that she wanted to light shabbat candles, make kiddush and sit down and have a shabbat dinner with her family. They were all so inspired by their fun week on board and the beautiful shabbat that we all spent together and she wanted to continue that feeling.


We are now looking to book another amazing Kosherica glatt kosher cruise vacation for Summer 2021 and the best part is that we can make our reservations so that we have something to look forward to but we don’t have to feel anxious about giving our deposit now. Kosherica now has an amazing Peace of Mind policy that we will definitely be taking advantage of. We can get back 100% of our deposits up to 3 months before the sailing so we can book now and start planning and looking forward to another stunning week together without worrying about our funds. You can read more about it here –


We can’t wait to travel again with Kosherica on another memorable cruise vacation! To get more info on Kosher Cruises for 2021-2022, click here.