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A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True 724 482 Sarity Gervais

By merely typing the words above, I’m flooded with excitement. I longed to visit those two northern countries with my family, ever since I was a child, but up until Kosherica offered up our dream Glatt Kosher cruise, it was not a possibility. I researched everywhere but could not find reliable Glatt Kosher food, I couldn’t even find vegan sustenance. So, it’s been off the map for us, until we booked our passage on the ocean liner MSC: Meraviglia. It will be an 11 night cruise helmed by Kosherica Luxury Cruises, in July/August 2018. The greatest chefs will pamper your palate with exquisite Glatt Kosher, Chalav Yisroel gourmet offerings, as you experience the beauty of the magnificent north.

The ship boards in Hamburg on the eve of July 29. This will give travelers a chance to experience this beautiful and ancient harbor city. If your time is limited, a sightseeing tour atop a red or yellow double decker bus will take you to all the top attractions, including a ride alongside the Elbe river and a ride along Elbchaussee, one of Germany’s most beautiful streets, lined with sumptuous 19th century villas. You will then walk through the stunning hillside district of Blakenese, leading to the charming Treppenviertel, the famous staircase district. Views of the harbor will be seen from the ferry at the bottom and you’ll get the best views of the city. From the drop off point you may walk or take a short cab ride to the ship.

Kids and adults such as myself who love model trains must visit Miniatur Wunderland, the largest railway wonderland in the world. It truly is awesome. Before long it’s time to board the ship and settle down to a delicious Glatt Kosher dinner in the ship’s dining room. After dinner you may partake of the of the ship’s entertainment offerings or just collect your luggage at your cabin, shower and change to your pajamas. By the time you’ll get tucked into the crisp sheets most of you will be ready for long restful snooze.

The first day on the cruise is spent at sea, meeting new people, dining on delicacies, all supervised by strict hashgacha and created with loving care.

Shetland’s capital, Lerwick is the next stop. It’s a fascinating place – Scotlands most northerly/easternly burgh with heavy Norse influences. The Shetland museum is a must-see, with its award-winning exhibits and displays. It reveals the island’s many secrets, its history and traditions. It gives visitors demonstrations of traditional boat building skills and other hands-on wonders. The exhibits are diverse, fascinating and the admission is free.

The Jarlshof Prehistoric Norse settlement dates back to the Iron Age. It covers 4,000 years of human history and is one of the most important archeological sites in Scotland. Visitors can learn about prehistoric life and look at treasures from a broad range of ancient periods.

One more day and the ship stops in Reykjavik, Iceland. It’s Thursday at 1:00 pm and the ship does not leave until Erev Shabbat the next day, at 6:00 pm.

This gives you, the Kosherica Glatt Kosher cruiser, the chance of a lifetime. After a delicious lunch, you can disembark and begin your adventure in this land of enchanted beauty, where nature is the star player. Whether you take a walking tour or the 8 hour Grand Golden Circle day trip, the minibus tour to the Kerid Volcanic Crater, or the full day tour of the golden circle with private guides and custom stops. Geysers, hot geothermal spas, whale watching, an ice cave day tour and descent into a glacier it’s all simply breathtaking. The activities are endless and the beauty is beyond belief.

The next day is nearly a full day of adventure, just enough to return on time to the ship and ready yourself for welcoming Shabbat.

The ship turns toward Akureyri, the largest town outside of Reykjavik. Embraced by tremendous views of the grand Fjords and the mountains, visible on a bright day behind the pristine fishing huts. The town is pure Norse, caressed by the North Sea, and if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, this is the terrain where the North of the Wall scenes are shot. You can go horseback riding, whale watching or simply pretend you’ve stumbled into an ancient Nordic legend as you take a ferry to Hrisey Island and hike within its natural beauty, soak up the endless views and enjoy the quiet. Lake Myvatn, is stunning: from there the vista to the next destination is stunning even as you approach. Krafla is one of the most famous explosion craters in Iceland, also called a Viti crater (Viti meaning Hell). Its 2 kilometers deep and 10 kilometers long and leads to Dettifloss, a beautiful waterfall. You’ll return to the ship renewed and relaxed. You’re guaranteed to devour the amazing Glatt Kosher meal awaiting you at dinner. Now you are a Nordic warrior but you can eat the food of your true faith! Ravenously!

One more day at sea and on Tuesday you’re docked in Invergordon, home of the Loch Ness Monster, Brodie castle and Culloden – the heart of the Scottish Highlands. With a great shore excursion, you’ll get a taste of everything and return to the ship at 7:00pm speaking with a brogue and telling Scottish legends. One more day at sea and Thursday at 6:00am you arrive in Hamburg, richer and fuller for a most magical experience.