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By Tova Gil. A real story.

A few years ago my best friend and I decided to tour Europe. We wanted a great vacation but we each had a list of some important criteria to cover. The trip had to include my favourite museums, some famous and resplendent cities with architecture and culture. I took the lead since my friend has never set foot outside the USA and was thirsty for experiencing the world beyond the Midwest.

I must admit, neither one of us was the backpacking type and finding Glatt Kosher food seemed virtually impossible because European products don’t have kosher symbols on them. Our most diligent researches turned out medium quality, high priced hotels. I know that a 4 star European hotel is really like a 3 star American hotel. Most hotels don’t have air conditioning or the standard creature comforts that we are used to. Yuck! Then I added the transportation and food costs and realized our budget was well out of our reach. This is when I decided to look at cruises and found out about the magic and ease of travelling aboard a ship. We looked at Kosherica cruises and they offered our dream trip: Glatt Kosher food, luxuriously comfortable accommodation and they stopped at most of the places I wanted to go. We booked the trip and off we went. The journey was so spectacular I became hooked!

1. If you observe kashrut and wish to be served the best food anywhere, cruising with Kosherica is the only way to go.

Imagine boarding an exquisite ship, after picking the destination of your choice. A wonderful, caring staff member directs you to the dining room while the attendants bring your luggage to your cabin. Your eyes fall hungrily on a buffet table laden with everything to please any palate: assortments of salads, freshly baked breads, salads, delicious hot items, fruits, tarts, cakes and juices. Classy, tasteful and richly presented food arrangements were presented on fine china. The gourmet chefs, wait staff and a team of mashgichim were diligent and worked non-stop. Passengers who didn’t travel with Kosherica looked at our buffet and were actually in awe of it. The captain even ate with us every night!

2. The ship takes you right to the different destinations.

In the original travel plan, we’d have to take planes, trains and buses to get from city to city. Here on the ship, we were ensconced in our beautiful cabin, linens crisp and freshly changed daily. The attendants were worthy of their tittle they were polite and attentive and every night we slept like babes in a cradle – comfy beds while the ocean lulled us into slumber.

3. Everything is arranged for you.

Our first surprise was being told of our reservations for the great quality entertainment available on board. They had a choice of shows every night and I took advantage of all the offerings. There were Broadway quality shows, comedy, acrobatics, ice-skating – anything to appeal to all ages and tastes. No tickets to buy, no standing in lines to purchase them. Everything is right there, included in the price.

4. We talked about all the time we saved getting right in to the great destinations.

The need for long trips was eliminated. The ship docked, we got off and there we were. Outside, there were buses waiting to take passenger on shore excursions, and in some places like Barcelona, we just walked through the city, our eyes soaking in the beauty.

5. On a cruise you meet fellow passengers who may become lifelong friends.

The daily meals are eaten at your assigned table. Of course you have the freedom to change tables, but since then I travelled often enough to find that given time, people open up and friendships develop.

6. On a ship there is ample time for relaxation, meditation or sports.

I finished a book sitting quietly on the deck, breathing in the air of the open sea. We did daily meditations and took early morning yoga classes. The sea air and the purity of the atmosphere are a wonderful break from the pollution of cities. On a cruise you have both, plus a spa if and when you feel like splurging. You return home refreshed unlike the exhaustion one experiences on a multi-city travel by other modes of transport.

7. On a cruise you can choose from many touring options.

The ship docked exactly long enough to visit my must see places. I went to incredible museums, strolled through world famous streets, shopped at stores I only dreamed of. This vacation was absolutely perfect.

8. Since that trip, I have travelled the world with Kosherica.

I’ve been on some of the most beautiful ships in the world exploring wonderful destinations. Imagine a day at sea, looking out at the most magnificent fjords of Scandinavia from the large glass windows of the dining room. Or going to Mexico to scuba dive, and to Alaska to watch blue and sparkling glaciers. I’ve been to St. Petersburg and seen the best ballet performance of Sleeping Beauty by the Kirov. I always felt pampered, well fed, comfortable and clean.