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7 Reasons Kosherica is Everyone’s Favorite Tour Operator… will be shocked by #7

7 Reasons Kosherica is Everyone’s Favorite Tour Operator… will be shocked by #7 400 330 Sarity Gervais

Here are the reasons why:

  1. Kosherica spends more time in pre-planning that any other tour operator. Whether it is a summer or winter cruise vacation or a Passover resort, we will never walk into a vacation without having every detail arranged ahead of time.


  1. We never compromise on the quality of our Glatt Kosher food and 5-star cuisine. Kosherica always caters with the highest cuts and most delectable options.


  1. The customer service that you will experience on your kosher vacation or Passover hotel is unparalleled. We are committed every day to make your experience incredible.


  1. Kosherica only sails on the high-quality ships for our summer and winter cruise vacations. We will not compromise and sail on any low-end ships. It may increase pricing a bit, but we cannot lower our standards to save a few dollars.


  1. We arrange top notch excursions to Jewish interest sites on our Glatt Kosher vacations with well-known local guides at each port.


  1. Kosherica makes every effort to hire the best, highly trained staff to run our Glatt Kosher cruises and Passover resorts. Our staff is committed to ensuring that our highest standards are met without compromise.


  1. We have the BEST guests! Honestly, that is the main reason people love sailing with us. Everyone always knows that the company they keep impacts your experience. We are always humbled to travel with our incredible guests. They may come from all parts of the world and have all different backgrounds but the one thing they all have in common is that they are kind, incredible people. The moment you step into a Glatt Kosher Kosherica event – you automatically feel love and that is truly due to our incredible guests.


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