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6 TIPS FOR SAVVY TRAVELERS 724 482 Sarity Gervais

When you finally board the cruise ship and give yourself and company over to the protective luxury of Kosherica, you need not be savvy. You can be a total beginner because you will be pampered and taken care of in every way.

But to get to the point of embarkation often takes a plane trip. And there, you are on your own so here are a few tips to turn you into a savvy traveler:

1. ; ; ;Let your bank know you will be away

There are few things more embarrassing than your credit cards being declined one by one even though you know there is a high credit balance on them. Your credit card company is protecting you and unless you tell them, they will be reluctant to fund the purchase you made in Timbuktu.

2. ; ; ;Wear socks at the airport and on the plane.

First, you will protect yourself from germs at the TSA checkpoint where you will have to remove footwear. Second, on the plane you can curl up all comfy and warm, regardless of the temperature in the cabin.

3. ; ; ;Wear loose clothes, comfort is prime.

Pajama-like pants and layers on top to shed or add according to need. Again, comfort is key.

4. ; ; ;Hydrate, hydrate hydrate.

Drink loads of water ;before, during and after the flight moisturize and stretch (without disturbing your neighbors).

5. ; ; ;Use ear plugs or noise-cancelling headphones.

The screaming kid or the loud drunk bunch wont disturb your equilibrium. You may even meditate or listen to soothing music or a book on tape.

6. ; ; ;A small kit containing aspirin, 1000 mg ginger root and basic first aid could come in handy.

Tummy cramps, air and sea sickness, a small injury just to name a few. These items will almost always come in handy, especially when traveling with kids.