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6 Foods that Cause Inflammation

6 Foods that Cause Inflammation 724 482 Sarity Gervais

Sarity Gervais

It’s been common knowledge that chronic inflammation wrecks havoc on the body. Scientific studies revealed a direct correlation between the foods we consume and destructive sustained inflammation. It has been declared the source of a myriad of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, to name a few.

There are 6 foods proven to cause inflammation:

1. Sugar –

Table sugar, and high fructose syrup are the main culprits in this group. The examples below may surprise some.

First, the obvious ones:

– Simple carbohydrates like sugary soft drinks, white bread, cookies and cakes. These foods are also dense, empty calories. Most of us know they are far from being healthy.

– Less obvious are dried fruit, potatoes, processed carbohydrates and fruit juices without the pulp.

– Fruits and vegetables contain some fructose yet are full of vitamins, nutrients and fiber. They are a healthy part of daily diet.

– Eating a lot of fructose causes serious problems. To mention a few – obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, fatty liver disease, cancer and chronic kidney disease. Researchers found that fructose inflames the endothelial cells that line your blood vessels.

2. Trans-fats –

Partially hydrogenated oils or trans-fats are a combination of hydrogen to liquid unsaturated fats. This gives them extended shelf life, stability and the appearance of solid fat. Margarines have them as a chief component. Fat found in nature, dairy and animal fat are far less harmful and even healthy in controlled amounts. Trans-fats cause harm by lowering HDL which is the good cholesterol in the blood. They impair the function of arteries by clogging them and causing inflammation. Soybean oils cause weight gain and disease in older people. There was also 78% tumor necrosis scientists found in recent study at Carnegie Mellon.

3. Vegetable and Seed Oils –

These used to be considered healthy but research discovered they were detrimental to health. Virgin olive oil and coconut oil are the ones that reduce inflammation with an added bonus of a lubrication effecting skin hair and health.

4. Processed Meats –

Cured and processed meats are inflammatory and outright dangerous.

People who regularly consume cold cuts, sausage, salami and such may be candidates for stomach and colon cancers. The advanced glycation end products (AGE) attack the inner organs and create sickness such as stomach abnormalities.

5. Refined Carbohydrates –

Similar to sugar, all carbohydrates that were processed to remove the natural fiber in them often manifest as sugar in the body. These empty calories flood the blood stream with mood-altering, disease-causing elements. French fries with ketchup, a hamburger served in a processed white roll and dessert consisting of a generous portion of cake is a good example for the sort of meal that makes Americans obese and a walking medicine chest.

6. Alcohol Consumption –

Apart from the recommended 1-2 glasses of wine with meals, a liquid diet will give you chyrosis of the liver and a myriad of diseases. Combine that with medication and/or smoking and you have yourself a recipe for disaster.