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3 Must-Haves When Traveling With Baby

3 Must-Haves When Traveling With Baby 724 482 Sarity Gervais

Everyone who had a visit from the stork knows the blues mingled with the unspeakable joys of new parenthood. All the sleepless nights, the eagle-eyed attention on every move of the tiny love of your life, a sniffle or colic and you are a basket case.

The rewards are immeasurable and of course, whatever the price, you’d pay it gladly. But you are human and you get tired from the round the clock job of tending to your life plus the life of your precious little one. What better way to rejuvenate your spirits than to take a family vacation?

By now you know that even for a stroll in the local park you must go equipped. A fully packed baby bag with formula, snacks, diapers, changing supplies, etc. is a must. You can alternate – one is carrying the baby while the other carries the supplies. If you travel alone, attach the baby bag to the stroller. Not ideal, but doable.

For your vacation, these 3 items will be life-savers:


First and foremost you’ll need a baby carrier. After checking out several, I agree that the Baby K’tan Original is the best, far less bulky than Baby Bjorn, Ergo or other popular ones, and just as supportive and stable for both baby and parent. They are made of soft cloth, no zippers or clasps, are easy to wash and wrap the baby in a sling which can face in or out and can be styled many ways for ultimate comfort.


Now who would have thought of bringing a high chair with you on vacation before someone invented the brilliant Inglesina Fast Table Chair? This wonderful thing folds flat, can be fastened easily to any table or bar and stays in one piece, with an optional table tray (sold separately).


Forget all the Rolls Royces of baby strollers with their shiny whistles and bells and of course, girth and weight. The YoYo Babyzen is incomparable to travel with. I actually would also recommend it for every day because it’s light, easy to navigate and maneuver, folds with one swift motion and can easily be tossed into the overhead compartment. On stairs it’s a breeze going up or down. Come snow or inclement weather, no more struggling with a bulky stroller. You’ll be zipping through with your baby and smiling, not even breaking a sweat.