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2017 List of Most Wished-For Toys for the Holidays

2017 List of Most Wished-For Toys for the Holidays 724 482 Sarity Gervais

It’s that time of the year and Black Friday continues until Monday the 27th of November or even later and it’s definitely time to take advantage of the sales and discounts. If you want to avoid the rush then I highly recommend shopping online and you’ll have plenty of time for delivery.

  • Here is a crazy discount for Plaskool Friends Sesame Street Love 2Learn Elmo for $20 (regular price &ndash $70)

The cute all-time favorite is this year’s Superstar. Toddler and toddlers at heart all over will go soft and gooey for the fluffy, huggable interactive orange friend. He responds to his nose being squeezed by waking up. He gives kisses when pressed to the cheek, and aside from being a love bug, he teaches the little tykes to brush their own teeth or go to the potty and discard those diapers. Very empowering, confidence building and adorable, as only our Elmo can be. (online sales until the 27th)

  • Fisher Price Think and Learn Code &ndash A Pillar Toy for $25 (regular price &ndash $50)

For kids ages 3 and up, this is an incredible toy to begin learning coding. Sounds like a nerdy toy but it’s massive fun where kids connect sections of Code-a-Pillar to make the long caterpillar move in many different ways. It’s a magical way to learn the basics of coding and become a whizz kid.

  • Watch Ya Mouth for $10 (regular price &ndash $20)

Get it as a gift to make one of the nights of Hanukkah super funny. This 10-piece set of mouth retractors comes in a box and anyone 8 years and over can give it a try. You put it in your mouth and try your very bestto give a small speech. Even saying something solemn comes out so hilariously funny that unless you lack a funny bone you’ll be rolling on the floor. We tested it yesterday as we tried to recite the Declaration of Independence. People doubled over. Not going to be more than entertainment but we all felt so much happier after the big laugh. I heard some people say they skipped desert, they felt so full and healthy.

  • Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke System with Disco Lights for $70 (regular price &ndash $130)

This all in one karaoke machine features a microphone, a 7-inch LCD screen to play the words of the songs and lights. In fact, it’s all you and your kid will need to practice being rock stars and have you embarrassed at family gatherings and show off and have massive fun at birthday parties.

  • A Kurio Ultimate Kids Smart Watch for $30 (regular price &ndash $60)

The coolest wrist watch that also acts as a messenger. So, while your kid will feel spiffy he’ll be able to text you &ldquoBe home in 10, Mom&rdquo.

  • Sorry Board Game for $7 (regular price &ndash $12)

A great board game and one of the best options for the whole family. Bump other player unless they are in the safe zone. It’s fun exciting and can involve kids to grandparents.

  • Anki Cozmo Robot for $150 (regular price &ndash $180)

This adorable little robot is full of personality, powered by a ton of artificial intelligence and reminds me of the robots they have on Star Wars. It becomes a friend, recognizes its owner, is self-aware and expresses feelings and wishes. Best of all, it learns to adapt to the child’s personality is always ready to play games.

  • Teddy Ruxpin for $100

It’s Ruxpin 2017 time! The animated bear is a story teller, sings songs and his eyes have 40 animations and a mask.

  • LUVABella for $130

The most advanced doll anywhere (boy version called LUVABEAU) is super realistic. They have accurate responses to feeding sessions, hugging, cuddling, playing and their vocabulary expands the more you play with them and talk to them. Nurturing this doll will be the greatest pleasure for your little one.

  • Anboor Slow Rising Pineapple Squishy for $8

A simple little toy but seems to be a big trend this season. You push the squishy down and watch it slowly rise back up. Squishy collectors who love the fruit theme are lining up to own this.

  • Playskool Star Wars Galactic Heroes BB-8 Adventure Base for $80

Just like the movie this toy can be an adventure base by a press of a button. You can activate sounds and lights and the kids can play for hours with the figurines that come with the toy.

  • L.O.L Surprise for $20

Kids are in love with this new unwrapping obsession toy. A ball that comes with seven layers of surprises and at the very center of the ball there is a little fashionable doll, who’ll either spit, pee, cry or change colors. Collect them all!

  • Lego Boost for $160

This toy can be built then animated via coding. Your kids will spend many hours learning while playing since there are five version to be built: Vernie the Robot, Frankie the Cat, Guitar 4000, MTR 4 (a truck) and Autobuilder which is an automated production line.

  • Enchantimals Lorna Lamb Doll for $8

Whimsical new dolls that come in different shapes and outfits to collect. Kids can’t get enough. There’s a Panda Treehouse in which they live and it brings the whole line to a new level. The tiny pet lambs and funky outfits are a wonderful retort to the old Barbie self-image distortion. They look like kids and are cute and adorable.

  • Meccano Meccanoid G15 for $99 (Best building toy)

Comes in hundreds of pieces (careful to not lose one). If your kid is into tech, he’ll love this. When the robot is built your kid will learn an enormous amount about coding with their new buddy.